GTR XU1 Nationals Sunshine Coast

Posted on Mar 27, 2016

GTR XU1 Nationals Sunshine Coast

When I heard the GTR XU1 Nationals were on this weekend I had to make the trip to Eumumdi to have a look.  The XU1 Torana would have to be one of the best looking small cars ever built in Australia and one of the most enjoyable to drive.

The GTR XU1 Nationals drew exhibitors from as far as Western Australia and I think there was even an entrant from New Zealand. These guys are commited!

There were approx 40 cars on show with vairoius versions of both GTR's and XU1's.  The weather was perfect and the crowds were good.  Here are some pics.

Green is nice!

What an Iconic symbol in Australian muscle car history.

According to the owner, this actual car has the highest build number making it the last GTR XU1 ever built.  Wonder who has the first?

202 with triple Stromberg Carburettors.