Posted on Feb 27, 2015


The Ford XY Falcon GT is an Australian built car based on the Ford XY Falcon. Released in 1970 with the GTHO Phase III released in 1971 1,557 units were produced from September 1970 to December 1971 with 300 GTHO Phase IIIs produced from May 1971 to November 1971. It was the fourth in the initial series of Ford Falcon GT muscle cars. A limited number were exported to South Africa, wearing Fairmont GT badging. This model is starting to increase in value as genuine GTs become harder to find.

With the rev limiter disabled it was capable of 228 kilometres per hour (142 mph) and would pull 7,000+ rpm in 4th gear. The rev limiter was set to 6,150 rpm. [not as ex factory/production then]

Technical details

Engine Specifications:
Engine: 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8 (5.763 litre)
Bore & Stroke: 102 x 89mm (4.00 x 3.50in)
Power (DIN): 224kW (300bhp) @ 5400rpm
Torque (DIN:) 515Nm (380lb-ft) @ 3400rpm
Compression Ratio: 11:1
Configuration: Front mounted, longitudinal, 90 degree V8
Head Design: Pushrod & rocker OHV with hydraulic lifters
Exhaust System: Cast iron manifold, low restriction twin exhaust
Fuel System: 600cfm Autolite 4 barrel carburettor
Ignition System: Single point distributor
Manual Gearbox :
Type: 4 speed all-synchronised
1st: 2.78:1
2nd: 1.93:1
3rd: 1.36:1
4th: 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.78:1
Manual Gearbox :
Type: 4 speed all-synchronised close ratio
1st: 2.32:1
2nd: 1.69:1
3rd: 1.29:1
4th: 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.78:1
Automatic Transmission:
Type: Heavy duty 3 speed C6 OR FMX
Rear Axle:

Type: 9in LSD Traction Lock is standard with 28 spline axles or 31 spline optional

Manual Ratio: 3.0:1 standard with optional 3.5:1 or 3.91:1
Automatic Ratio: 2.75:1

Front: Independent ball joint, coil springs, shock absorbers, wishbones and anti-roll bar Upper control arm to accept the 3 pin ball joint used, as opposed to the 4 point ball joint used in the normal GTs and earlier GTHOs

Rear: Hotchkiss type with semi-elliptic leaf springs, shock absorbers and live axle

Front: 286mm (11.25in) Servo assisted Discs Rear: 254mm (10in) Servo assisted Drums


Type: Re-circulating ball power assistance (Optional)

Ratio: 16:1
Wheels & Tyres:
Wheels: 6.0 x 14 Steel - Steel '5 Slot' with S Steel dress ring & centre cap

7.0 x 15 Alloy - '5 Spoke' Bathurst Globe (Optional) from 1972

Tyres: 185 x 14 - E70HR14
Speedometer: 140mph
Cleveland Tachometer: 8000rpm
Oil Pressure: Gauge
Water Temperature: Gauge
Fuel: Gauge
Ignition: Warning Light
High Beam: Warning Light
Brakes: Warning Light
Clock: Analogue
Length: 4689mm (184.6in)
Width: 1869mm (73.6in)
Height: 1397mm (55.0in)
Weelbase: 2819mm (111.0in)
Front Track: 1499mm (59.0in)
Rear Track 1486mm (58.5in)
Weight: 1325kg (manual) 1415kg (auto)
Turning Circle: 11.2m (36.6ft)
Fuel Tank: 75 litre (16.4 gallons) - 163.8 litre (36.0gl) optional
Seating: 5
Top Speed: 210km/h (130mph) (auto)
0 - 60mph (0 - 100 km/h) - 11.4 seconds ( manual )

Standing 1/4 mile (400m) - 16.4 seconds ( manual )